Mar 29, 2024

Mums are racing to Primark to nab reduced Disney baby goodies, including Minnie Mouse beakers for just £2 each

IT'S a shop famous for its bargain prices.

But Primark has got parents racing to stores after reducing a tonne of Disney baby products, with most items under a fiver.

Jasmine took to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook to share pictures of the reduced section - stacked full of super-cute items all with red reduced stickers.

"Disney Baby Items reduced, all £5 and under," she wrote.

"Stackable wooden rainbows, silicone cup holders, wooden coat hanger, silicone catch bibs all pink and blue."

Jasmine added that she'd spotted the reduced bits in Primark in Meadowhall, Sheffield.

In the snaps, she showed a set of silicone baby cutlery for just £4, and some cute Minnie Mouse beakers - £4 for two.

There were also baby bottles in packs of two for £4 - with either a blue Mickey Mouse design or pink Minnie.

Likewise, the cutlery set was in blue or pink, with Mickey or Minnie heads on the top.

People were quick to comment on the post, with many tagging their friends to point out the bargain buys.

"Look how cute the cutlery set is," one wrote.

As another added: "How cute are the little weaning cutlery?"

"It's beautiful. Going to have to buy all colours as we won't know if boy or girl until the birth haha!" a mum-to-be added.

"The juice bottles are so cute!" someone else gushed.

"I need the Mickey Mouse ones," another wrote.

While someone else commented: "There was loads in monks Cross primark in York yesterday too.

"I picked up a good few bargains, they also have minnie and mickey coat hooks."

The reduced items are currently not showing on Primark's website, and only seem to be available in store.