Apr 15, 2024

50 Strange Things With Tons Of Glowing Amazon Reviews You'll Wish You Knew About Sooner


Weird but genius.

Do you ever wonder whether those bizarre Amazon products that claim to be “hacks” actually work? It’s hard to tell what’s useful and what’s just marketing snake oil — and that’s what our commerce team is here for. Below, they’ve put together some of the most strange Amazon finds that actually work incredibly, based on both IRL testing and online reviews. These are the kind of weird products that you might be hesitant to buy, but they’re so worth it that you’ll wonder what you ever did without them.

Below, you’ll find interesting beauty finds with uncommon ingredients, unique kitchen gadgets, and other home hacks that might seem weird at first, but may actually change your life. Read on to discover 50 strange Amazon products with thousands of glowing reviews to back them up.

Don't be fooled by its strange appearance — this cute little octopus, reviewers say, packs a serious punch against blackheads and sebaceous filaments. The blackhead scrub stick is full of charcoal and bentonite clay, which work to absorb excess oil and sebum, along with microcrystalline cellulose and sea salt that both work as super-gentle physical exfoliants. While your skin is still damp from cleansing, gently rub the scrub stick wherever you need it, like your nose or chin, then rinse with water and follow up with moisturizer. Reviewers love how it reduces the appearance of sebaceous filaments and pores after just a few uses — one of them calls it a "weird little thing that just works."

This silicone wine stopper is your new wine night must-have. Shaped like a sombrero, it makes your bottle of wine look like it's wearing a hat — and it even has a chin strap to keep it on the bottle when it's time to pour. Reviewers rave that the stopper is a great gift and makes guests laugh, and one reviewer calls it better than most high-end wine stoppers they've tried in the past. The stopper is BPA-free, fits almost any size bottle, and is dishwasher safe.

Sure, you've likely heard of COSRX's cult favorite snail mucin power essence. But did you know they use that hydrating, plumping snail mucin (what snails secrete to keep their bodies gooey and hydrated) in a moisturizer, too? Now you can finish off your routine with this reviewer-backed COSRX snail cream that has over 15,000 five-star ratings. It’s made of 92% snail mucin, which is chock full of hyaluronic acid, peptides, and other nourishing ingredients. The product helps soothe irritation, reduce the appearance of unwanted scars, and provide intense, lasting hydration — reviewers rave that the cream is ultra hydrating and has changed the texture of their skin for the better.

Have you ever heard of a nail polish holder ring? Hear us out — this just might revolutionize your mani/pedi game. This silicone nail polish holder ring slips onto two fingers and securely holds a bottle of nail polish inside, meaning you can dip the brush in and out as your paint your nails without worrying about knocking it all over the table and making a mess. The holder fits any sized nail ploish bottle, and comes in 22 adorable shades. "Omg, totally necessary!" raved one reviewer. "How did I function without this?"

This adorable ultrasonic cool mist humidifier is a functional humidifier disguised as decor. It delivers up to 24 hours of cool mist while functioning as a decorative nightlight that even changes color — and reviews love this humidifier both for the nursery and to give their houseplants more moisture. The mister has a large 1.8-liter tank that gives off almost no noise while it's running. It'll help children breathe easier at night, especially in drier climates or in wintertime, but it works just as well in adult’s rooms, too.

These colorful pimple patches aren't your typical pimple patches. Like other patches, they use hydrocolloid which helps draw fluid and pus out of wounds, but unlike other pimple patches, they also contain tea tree oil, which has antimicrobial properties, and green algae extract, which helps brighten and even out the skin tone. The patches comes in cute shapes and colors, and some reviewers call them the best pimple patches they've ever used.

Just add water! Or in this case, tequila. This cute little margarita cocktail kit in a tin makes crafting cocktails as easy as adding liquor. It comes with everything else you'll need, like orange bitters, lime juice, a muddling spoon, and even linen coasters. And they don't stop at margaritas — they also have kits for creating your own old fashioneds, mai tais, Moscow mules, Manhattans, and daiquiris. Reviewers say the tins are super handy for folks without much cocktail-making experience, they're cheaper than buying all the individual cocktail ingredients, and they make great gifts for birthdays or bachelor/bachelorette parties.

These handy silicone holders might be the best hooks you've ever used. They look funky at first — they're made of four silicone prongs with balls on the ends — but they're perfect for hanging anything from toothbrushes and razors to scissors and plugs on the wall. Their almost exclusively five-star reviews note that the holders are easy to install, hold well, and are great for decluttering small spaces. They adhere to the wall like a Command strip and grip onto anything you want in a more convenient spot, like spatulas on the wall by the stove, or pens at your desk.

This crab-shaped utensil rest is designed to sit on your pot to keep your spoon handy — and off the counter. It can also be used to prop your lid up slightly to release steam. Red the Crab is a fan favorite on Amazon with over 3,000 perfect five-star ratings, and would make a great gag gift for the aspiring chef or home cook in your life.

A strainer that takes up a quarter of the kitchen space as a regular colander? Sign us up! This silicone Snap n Strain Pot Strainer snaps onto the side of pots, letting you easily pour out pasta water or excess liquid with only one step. And it snaps onto the sides of bowls and pans, too, helping you pour off excess liquid whenever you need to, like while you're cooking ground meat. And the product's 24,000 five-star ratings speak for themselves. "One of my favorite kitchen gadgets!!" commented one reviewer, adding "this thing is AMAZING."

If you haven't used this foot peel mask, you're missing out — big time. This product is a heavy hitter, making your calluses peel off in big flakes of skin, and then eventually revealing smooth, baby-soft skin underneath. Strange? Sure — but also super satisfying. Just slip the foot masks on for 60 minutes and remove. Over the next two weeks, the dry, dead skin on your feet with slowly peel away, leaving you with super-soft feet almost effortlessly. And just in case you don't believe us, these masks have over 35,000 five-star ratings.

Another K-Beauty product taking the beauty world by storm? Makeup spatulas. You've probably seen them on TikTok, but in case you haven't, makeup spatulas help you apply a super thin, super even layer of foundation. And this Spatty Daddy makeup spatula goes a step further, helping you scrape out every last drop of your expensive foundations and serums with its teeny tiny silicone head. While it's designed for scooping out and applying skin care and makeup products, the spatula is also useful in the kitchen. Reviewers gave the spatulas almost all five-star ratings, calling them "sturdy" and "ingenious."

You read that right — this innovative little breakfast sandwich maker means you can have restaurant-quality breakfast sandwiches at home, every morning, without much effort. It has the reviews to back it up, too: 15,000 five-star ratings, to be precise. The non-stick Hamilton Beach appliance has three layers: one for the bottom bread slice and cheese or precooked meat, one for your raw egg, and one for the top bread slice. Simply assemble your sandwich, wait five minutes, and voila! Your sandwich is ready to assemble and eat. And when you're done, the layers are dishwasher safe.

A wearable neck light? Strange, but kind of awesome. This rechargeable LED neck light makes it super easy to read in bed, or to add extra light to tasks like knitting, needlework, and repairs. The light comes in three adjustable colors — amber, warm white, and cool white — and has a thirty-minute auto timer function in case you like to fall asleep while you read. Best of all? You don't have to take our word for how well this product works, because it's amassed over 80,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.

Have some cheese with your wine with these neat little wine glass charms, helping your party guests never lose track of whose drink is whose again. "Everyone needs these in their life," wrote one Amazon reviewer. These eight unique silicone charms, shaped like different kinds of cheese — blue, gouda, and cheddar, to name a few — fit snuggly onto the rim of your wine glass, and at less than an inch tall, they won't make it hard to drink. They fit almost any sized glass, making them functional for more than just wine, and they're dishwasher safe.

Don't be fooled by this mask's alien look. When kept in the fridge and applied to your face in the morning, this PerfeCore facial mask will help reduce puffiness, alleviate headaches, and soothe tired eyes. Filled with cooling gel beads, the mask molds to your face for an easy at-home spa moment that helps with all manner of ailments.

Instead of settling for regular ice cubes in every drink, you can make restaurant-quality ice balls with this ice tray. The gadget allows you to freeze small ice balls at home, perfect for making iced coffees, iced matchas, or cocktails that cool down quickly and look photo-ready. The tray comes with a bin and a scoop so you can make lots of ice balls ahead of time, and scoop them out as needed. Reviewers love them too, rating them almost exclusively five stars and raving about how quickly they freeze, how easy they are to use, and how cute the ice looks.

It's spa day every day with this Bliss Hot Salt Scrub. One review calls the heating effect "nice and soothing," and says it's the "best skin exfoliator" they've ever used. Other reviewers agree, noting that the scrub's rosemary and eucalyptus scent smells amazing, and that the product leaves their skin baby soft. The scrub is formulated with sea salt for gentle physical exfoliation, and glycerin and algae extract for deep hydration, and warms up upon massaging it into your skin.

These cute little food savers come in the shape of onions, tomatoes, and garlic, but they're far from gimmicky. Dishwasher safe and BPA-free, they'll keep your cut veggies fresher for longer, and you'll no longer have to use Ziploc bags that just end up in the trash every time you want to use half an onion. Amazon reviewers love how the food savers really do keep vegetables fresh. "This is by far my favorite item I bought through Amazon this year," raved one reviewer. "Easy to clean, easy to use, you can't smell onions all through the fridge, and less single-use plastic in the world."

They had us at perfect winged eyeliner, but they also had us at 20,000 five-star ratings. This Flick Stick winged eyeliner stamp gives you a flawless cat eye look every single time with its highly pigmented, smudge-proof formula. The eyeliner has two sides — one for stamping the 10 millimeter wing and one for lining the rest of the eye, meaning even the unsteadiest of hands can perfect the winged look. “I've always wanted to wear a cute winged eyeliner, but just couldn't get it right,” wrote one reviewer. “This little gadget makes a PERFECT winged eye!”

There’s no shortage of funny animal-shaped kitchen gadgets out there, but this Nessie soup ladle might take the cake for the best one on the market. The multi-purpose silicone ladle in the shape of the Loch Ness monster cryptid stands on its own with four tiny legs. It’s heat resistant, making it great for soups, sauces, and punch bowls alike, and its one-piece design makes it sanitary and dishwasher safe. Reviewers call it the “cutest kitchen utensil,” especially when its head is sticking out of the soup pot.

This skin scrubber spatula helps you do pore extractions safely at home — and the reviews are absolutely glowing. “This is the greatest thing ever!” commented one reviewer. The tool has four functions: a steaming function, a metal spatula for gently performing pore extractions, and two silicone scrubbers to help your products penetrate deeply and more effectively. Still not sold? Check out these before and after photos from one satisfied user, showing their decongested, smoother skin.

Who knew cleaning the toilet could be so cute? The worst household chore just got a bit better with this cherry-shaped toilet brush. The stem part is a durable toilet brush, while the cherry is the brush’s holder, keeping the brush upright and the bathroom sanitary. Reviewers give the brush almost all five stars, calling it both cute and practical. “I absolutely love it!” wrote one reviewer. “It works great and it’s adorable.”

As any margarita enthusiast knows, a good glass rimmer is a nonnegotiable — it’s one of those tools you didn’t know you needed so badly until you actually have it. This one has two tiers, one for lime juice and one for salt, but they also sell a three-tier option if you like to add sugar into the mix. And they’re not just great for margs — cinnamon-sugar rimmed pumpkin beer, anyone?

Have you ever heard of a clenditioner? This ingenious product might have you sold on the funny name — it’s a cleanser and conditioner in one, and this clenditione is designed to deposit semi-permanent hair color after just one wash. It comes in 21 shades, ranging from natural, like espresso and honey, to colorful, like hot pink or teal. Reviewers say the product is easy to apply, working just like a hair mask, and is a perfect low-maintenance way to give your hair a fun new tone — and they’ve given it a whopping 48,000 five-star reviews.

This carbonated bubble clay mask looks pretty silly when it’s applied, foaming up on your face and making you look a bit like a cartoon character. But reviewers say it’s so worth it because it helps to reduce the appearance of clogged pores and sebaceous filaments. “It really cleans out my pores and they look much smaller after,” commented one reviewer. The mask uses kaolin clay, bentonite clay, and charcoal to absorb excess sebum in pores, and moisturizes and soothes with glycerin and allantoin.

Finally, no more deodorant between your thighs. This Megababe Thigh Rescue anti-chafe stick prevents that friction-induced chafing and irritation that appears between your legs thanks to soothing aloe and nourishing vitamin E. It’s racked up more than just positive reviews on Amazon — it’s won beauty product awards from several publications, too. Plus, you can use it anywhere you’re prone to irritation, like under bra straps or digging waistbands, or on your feet when you’re wearing those cute but uncomfortable sandals. Reviewers rave that it doesn’t leave white marks, doesn’t feel sticky or tacky, and lasts all day.

Who knew you could actually erase your hair? Well, this crystal hair eraser doesn’t exactly erase, but it’s one of the easiest hair removal products out there. At the end of your shower, just rub the eraser in circular motions wherever you want to remove hair, and the microcrystals gently shave each hair off without the risk of razor cuts. “I’m really impressed and happy with the results,” wrote one reviewer. “My legs are much smoother than they feel after a shave.”

Add a little magic to your next fire pit or camping trip with these Magical Flames. When tossed on the fire, these packets create incredible, surreal-looking colorful flames that last for up to an hour. And they’re beloved by Amazon reviewers, having racked up over 28,000 five-star ratings thus far. “These are a must for camping!” commented one reviewer. “So entertaining to watch the color flames at night around a campfire.” Just be sure to cook your marshmallows before using the packets.

It turns out there’s a waste-free option to blotting papers — and it’s this funky little oil-absorbing volcanic stone. This Revlon face roller soaks up excess oil to mattify your skin while you’re on the go, and is even washable and reusable. Reviewers note that it’s super easy to use and easy to clean, awarding it over 30,000 five-star ratings to date. “Can't believe such a little contraption works so well,” wrote one reviewer. Don’t believe us? Check out this reviewer’s before and after photo.

If you find it difficult to reapply sunscreen throughout the day, this might be the product for you. This brush-on sun defense delivers SPF in powder form, so you can protect your skin from harmful UV rays and set your makeup all in one. It provides SPF 30 and a translucent, matte finish, so you can protect your skin with mineral SPF without any greasiness, heaviness, or white cast. Reviewers adore it, too, noting that it goes on easily, travels well, keeps makeup looking fresh, and can even be applied to your part to keep it from burning.

One of the hottest (or coldest?) skin care trends right now is ice rolling. And as a viral trend and a dermatologist-approved hack, it really does work. This Glow Cube ice roller helps you roll an ice cube around on your face without causing your fingers pain or having water drip down your arms. This ice hack can help depuff skin, increase circulation, and decrease the look of pores. Reviewers agree with the benefits — “I love this product and have been using it daily!” commented one reviewer. “It’s refreshing and has improved my skin so much. I feel tight and glowy!”

This condiment fork is one of those cute little kitchen gadgets you’ll never remember how you lived without. Giving it thousands of five-star ratings, reviewers report that “this utensil truly takes the cake (or should I say pickle!) in versatility and convenience.” The three-pronged fork comes with its own little caddy that wraps around the jar of pickles, olives, or whatever you’re using it for, meaning you have a clean and ready pickle fork at all times. “No more pickle fork on the counter top!” wrote one reviewer. “How did we live life without this thing!”

The main ingredient in this face mask is egg — but don’t let that turn you off. This Zombie Pack face mask uses albumin, found in egg whites, to improve skin elasticity and provide a lifting effect. Reviewers have given the mask thousands of five-star ratings, with one reviewer calling it the “most effective face mask I’ve ever used.” When you apply the mask, it dries down and gives a cracked-egg effect, but it also uses centella asiatiac and aloe vera to soothe so skin is left glowy, plumped, and deeply hydrated.

These shower steamers look good enough to eat, and they smell just as heavenly, too. Reviewers love how they give you a bath bomb feel even if you only take showers — just place on the shower floor, out of the direct stream of water, and it’ll release aromas throughout your shower for a little at-home spa moment. Reviewers note that they make great gifts and the scents are nice and strong. This pack comes with six steamers, each in a different scent, you can try them all out.

These seat gap organizers make it easy to make use of every bit of space in your car, and keep little bits and bobs like spare change from falling into the crevices between seats, never to be seen again. The thin little organizers slide into the space between your seat and the center console, and are great for storing chapsticks, sunglasses, chargers, CDs, pens, and anything else that’s easy to lose. “These give myself extra space to put small items that normally would end up in my cup holder,” commented one reviewer, “AND keeps things from falling between the seats.”

A disco in the shower? You heard it here first. This filtered LED shower head changes your water to fun colors — but more importantly, it filters hard water with high-quality filter stones so your showers are gentler on your skin and hair. Reviewers note that the shower had has excellent water pressure, the lights are super fun, and the water feels better on their skin. “I felt like I didn’t need to run and get my lotion like I usually do after my showers,” reported one reviewer.

This spinny little fishbowl is actually the best at cleaning makeup brushes, with reviewers raving that this is the best brush cleaner they’ve ever used. “Worthy of 10 stars!” wrote one person. This electric makeup brush cleaner comes with eight different collars to fit any sized brush. All you have to do is fit your brush in the electric cleaner, buzz it in the break-resistant bowl to get all the gunk off, and then spin it again to dry it instantly. It actually makes cleaning your makeup brushes fun.

Never buy another disposable lighter again thanks to this rechargeable plasma arc lighter. Reviewers say it works great to light candles safely and without a flame, noting that they’ve also used it for camping trips, tiki torches, gas stoves, and even fireworks. When you’re ready to light, simply flip off the safety setting and press the “on” button — you’ll see a purple arc instead of a flame (but it lights just as effectively!) Plus, the lighter plugs right into the wall to recharge.

Reviewers and beauty pros swear by this Dr. Lipp nipple balm to reduce irritation from breast feeding or to soothe dry, cracked lips. It’s made of just one ingredient: medical grade lanolin, a moisturizing, waxy substance that’s derived naturally from sheep’s wool. While it’s called “nipple balm,” you can use the product anywhere you need a balm, like on your eyebrows, on a healing tattoo, as a highlighter, or on your cuticles.

Did you know you can turn any cleanser into a foam cleanser? This marshmallow whip maker turns any cleanser into a rich mousse with a quick pump, helping you create a fluffy, dense foam to cleanse your skin more gently and thoroughly. “If you are like me and hate having to scrub real hard to get all of your cleanser off, you need to try this! It’s small, but works so well,” says one reviewer. It only takes a pearl-sized amount of cleanser and a bit of water and elbow grease to whip your cleanser up into a luxuriously gentle lather.

Cooking eggs for the whole family or for meal prep has never been so easy than with this rapid egg cooker. “One of the best purchases I’ve ever made — I use it constantly!” raved one five-star reviewer, and the product has a whopping 90,000 other five-star ratings to back it up. The egg cooker whips up hard or soft boiled eggs faster and cleaner than the stovetop could, and that’s not all — the cooker has a poaching tray and an omelette tray inside, too, to quickly and cleanly make eggs however you like them.

It’s easy to forget that your scalp can get a sunburn, too. This COOLA sunscreen spray makes it easy to protect the vulnerble skin on your scalp with just a few quick spritzes. The SPF 30 spray protects you hair from the sun too, making your color less prone to fading without making your hair heavy or greasy. Reviewers love how the product is easy to apply and doesn’t leave your hair sticky, calling it “perfect for summer.”

If there’s one thing Amazon is great for, it’s finding little space-saving hacks — and these space-saving hangers are no exception. The sturdy, cascading hangers are great for keeping clothing ultra-organized while taking up as little space as possible, making them perfect for dorms, apartments, and other small spaces. Reviewers have given them over 20,000 five-star ratings, and several reviewers note that clothes take up half the amount of space with these ingenious hangers.

These eco-friendly toothpaste tablets give you an anti-plaque, whitening toothpaste without any plastic. Simply bite down to crush a tablet and brush with a wet toothbrush to form a soft, pepperminty paste. Some reviewers love how the tablets cut down on liquids while they’re traveling abroad, and another says they’re great for kids. “Do you children smear toothpaste all over the known world? Avoiding that mess is worth the price of these little ditties.”

A water bottle that cleans itself? Sounds too good to be true — but reviewers say that this self-cleaning water bottle keeps water tasting fresh and clean. The stainless steel water bottle’s lid has a UV-C LED light bulb that activates every two hours to neutralize bacteria and viruses. The double-wall insulation keeps water cold for 24 hours, and reviewers confirm that the bottle really does make water taste better. “The funny taste even after pitcher filter is all gone after using the UV-C light function,” says one reviewer. “Water tastes just as good, if not better, than bottled spring water.”

This light-up dog collar is a must-have for keeping your dog safe during night walks. It comes in 10 different colors and four different sizes to fit any size dog, and offers around 1,000 feet of visibility. The durable, nylon collar is waterproof, too, making it perfect for hiking or camping adventures. One reviewer calls it the “best purchase” since the collar allows them to see their dogs in the backyard at night.

This HiCoup glass carafe is not your average decanter. The unique shape is more than just nice to look at — it enhances wine’s oxygenation, helping to enhance its aromas and soften its tannins. The swan-style spout makes it easy to pour, and reviewers say they love it for both its look and function. “It is so pretty, and could be used as a center piece just because of how nice it is to look at,” wrote one reviewer. “It does improve the taste of the wine as well!”

One of the quickest and easiest self-tanners out there, these Tan Towel self-tan towelettes have garnered thousands of five-star ratings on Amazon. They make it easy to apply a streak-free tan that gradually builds in the days following application, and reviewers rave about how natural-looking they make their tan. “These have been my go to for at least 10 years,” commented one reviewer. “No lines, no streaks, no loud orange look. People are always surprised that my tan is not natural.” Plus, they’re way less messy than lotions and mousses, too.

Not only does this battery organizer keep your batteries tidy in a container that’s only a foot long — it also has a tester, so you don’t have to find out the hard way when a battery is a dud. Reviewers give it five-star rating after five-star rating, calling it “the best way to store your batteries.” It has slots for six different types of batteries, and is shockproof and waterproof. It’s even easy to mount on the wall for ultimate convenience.

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